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Project Clear Rainscaping Grants

St louis has a unique program that helps homeowners pay for the costs of adding native landscapes and other rainscaping features to their yard. Project clear grant money can pay for native plants, mulch, and rainbarrels, as well as hiring a professional to do the work.

Rainscaping consists of several gardening techniques including raingardens, swales, lawn alternatives, woodland restoration, invasive plant removal, native plant gardens, and vegetative buffers along creeks.

When applying for a grant I suggest getting your application in about 6 months in advance of when you plan to plant. After submitting your proposal, it takes a couple months to hear back if your project is approved. This will still allow some time for ordering plants and preparing the planting area. Order plants as soon as possible to make sure you get the best selection.

This grant is a reimbursement program so the homeowner will need to pay all costs upfront and then is reimbursed when the project is complete. Take photos of your project before and after and during all stages in between. Also, keep all of your receipts!

Project clear is designed to ease the amount of stormwater runoff entering city creeks and causing flooding of buildings and street. Absorbing rainwater where it falls also prevents pollution from being washed into our creeks and rivers by filtering water through the soil. Holding more rainwater in your garden soil means healthier plants and less need for watering. Project clear benefits gardeners, keeps the city from flooding, prevents pollution, and is better for biodiversity.

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